Glazing Projects

Collister North West Ltd offers a diverse array of glass office partition options and systems. Whether you need demountable, custom-made, double or single-glazed partitions, doors, balustrades or gates we can help. Additionally, our partitioning systems can be supplied with full-height glazed panels, amplifying light and visibility in your workspace.

We can install full-height glazed partitions, meticulously silicone-sealed between each section. These partitions boast minimal head and track details, creating the illusion of a seamless internal glass wall.

Glass office partitions with wider frames are available. These can be double-glazed to offer soundproofing and insulation benefits. The visual impact can be further heightened by selecting frame materials thoughtfully and incorporating personalised options such as logos and integral colored blinds.

You can rely on our commercial interiors team to come up with creative ideas for great, practical working environments.

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